About Us

About SJL@DU:

The Social Justice Librarians group at DU primarily serves to facilitate conversations about social justice, privilege, equity, etc. as they apply to current and future library professionals. We provide a space for LIS students to engage in these conversations in a safe, non-judgemental setting, through series of Roundtable discussions.

Each Roundtable focuses on a specific social justice topic and students will have the chance to prepare and acquaint themselves with the topics through suggested readings and content.

The Blog:

This blog is for library science students, librarians, and archivists who want to learn about social justice issues. We hope that you’ll find some thought provoking content, as well as ideas for action. Content created by students in the Library Information Science Program at the University of Denver.

SocialJusticeLibrarians is a place for people in the LIS field to discuss, reflect, and create with the aim of increasing our field’s commitment to social justice.

The University of Denver Library and Information Science faculty and students want to dig more deeply into the multitude of social justice issues in our communities. This blog shares thoughts, resources, and conversations.